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Toledo & Madrid Sightseeing Tour Combo
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Toledo & Madrid Sightseeing Tour Combo

EUR$ 57 rent/day



Your Toldeo and Madrid Sightseeing tour departs from designated meeting point where a coach will take you to Toledo to begin your trip.

In the UNESCO World Heritage City of Toledo, you will find a unique and beautiful city where three cultures (Christian, Moorish and Jewish) coexist and leave their mark on the city.

While in Toledo you will view the Cathedral, the Church of St. Tomé, Synagogue of Sta. María, the Museum of Victorio Macho, the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, and much more. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

From Toledo the tour will continue with a city sightseeing tour of Madrid where you will explore Madrid’s rich history. You will be able to see the medieval origins of the city, the Renaissance and Baroque buildings, many historically famous buildings and structures, contemporary Madrid, and you will also visit the famous Prado Museum. During this tour, you will stop at the Hard Rock Café where you will enjoy a free drink.

The tour ends at the starting point where you will be expected to make your own further travel arrangements.

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